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Hurricane Shield Series

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Designed to work, so you dont have to

Pella Hurricane Shield Series windows are engineered to withstand hurricanes and the most stringent coastal requirements all while providing exceptional everyday performance. From noise control and blocking UV rays to security, they help provide unwavering protection for your home and everything inside.

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Trusted Hurricane Protection

Help protect your home and everything inside with Pella Hurricane Shield Series impact-resistant windows. These products are engineered and tested to withstand hurricane conditions and the most stringent coastal requirements.

Exceptional Everyday Performance

Safeguard your home from hurricanes and more with advanced glass technology. Pella Hurricane Shield Series products with laminated glass reduce more noise and block 99.7% of harmful UV rays, helping to protect your window treatments, furniture and dcor from fading.

Precise Installation

When it comes to performance, installation matters which is why Florida installation requirements are so stringent. Pella Hurricane Shield Series products are built to make the installation process as seamless as possible.

Protect What Matters Most

Help prevent intruders with shatter-resistant, laminated glass and our exclusive recessed sash design on single-hung and sliding windows for added security.

Delivering Unmatched Strength and Style

Hurricane Shield Series vinyl single-hung windows are made with a block-and-tackle sash balance. Some impact-resistant products can be difficult to operate, and youre forced to choose between easy operation or storm protection. With Hurricane Shield Series single-hung windows, you can easily operate the window and receive unwavering hurricane protection.

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