Identifying Roof Damage with an Antioch Roofing Contractor

Many individuals are unaware that their roof is damaged until it is too late and they need to replace the entire thing. It happens more often than the average person realizes.  Regular roof inspections are the best method to solve these issues early on when they are simpler and cheaper to repair. According to a professional Antioch roofing contractor, the following are some of the most crucial things to look out for as a homeowner. 

First and foremost, exercise extreme caution when mounting the roof. Make sure someone is aware of your presence, or have someone keep a watch on you. Move slowly and cautiously, leaning on your hands for support and even crawling to improve your grip.

Hiring a skilled roofer to evaluate your roof is a good idea. A roof repair expert knows exactly what to look for and is almost certainly equipped with the required expertise and safety equipment.

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If you see damaged shingles, avoid stepping on them. They could snap. Check to see if the wear is evenly distributed or concentrated in one area. Various inclinations are exposed to different conditions, such as wind direction or direct sunlight.

The materials used on a roof influence the forms of damage that might occur. One of the earliest signs of degradation in asphalt roofing is granule loss from shingles.

Shingle curling is yet another sign to be on the lookout for. They might also have fractures, scars (from constant connection with nearby trees), or even delamination. Discoloration of normally healthy shingles is purely aesthetic and not hazardous.

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Wooden shakes could have fractures, curling, or be missing entirely. Leaks may develop if the underlying felt is exposed and must be fixed. Inspect any roof for gaps in the flashing and caulking.

“Don’t forget to examine the roof from inside the house as well,” advises an Antioch roofing contractor professional. Look for evidence of structural degradation, such as sagging or splitting, in the attic or crawl space. With a flashlight, inspect the area for evidence of water damage, holes, or cracks.

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Multiply the roof’s real age by 4 to get an idea of how aging impacts its condition. So a 12-year-old roof looks like a 48-year-old. A roof’s life duration is typically 20 to 25 years, although this varies widely depending on the circumstances.

If your roof is over 10 years of age or it was hit by extreme weather like hail and harsh wind, it’s time to have it inspected! If you want high-quality roof repair services, contact Perkins All Star Exteriors. We provide free inspections and quotations; call us now at (855) 909-7663 to schedule one for your home!